For those translating a document from Dutch to French, there are differences that both these doing the translating and those are receiving the translations should be -

Translating Dutch to English is needed for many reasons. Software translations are in high demand as well as localised Dutch to English translation for IT documents, legal documents, business, web page and SEO content. We are leading Dutch to English translation service, serving a world wide client base for documents in any industry or field needing your expertise. To get a free quote on any documents or text, technical Dutch translation, simply upload your file, or copy your text using the menu on the left. The client will provide the estimate in a few minutes. 

We provide professional Dutch to English Translation Services in USA not only to English speaking clients, but to Belgian and French clients for English tourists, business transactions, legal documents, and much more. Our worldwide service is renowned for its accuracy, delivery and a reputation as a leading translation service. Our translators have industry specific skills and experience, so that no matter how technical your document, we have translators ready to deliver your document with error free accuracy at the lowest cost possible to you. Whether you need Danish translation. It provides you with two translators, one to translate your document and another to proofread it. All Dutch translation are done by local and native translator who are also fluent in English. 

They are interpretive translations that properly convey the true meaning of source document. Standard translated  document is suitable for high importance documents like employee manuals, business tenders. 

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